Michel Titin-Schnaider


This album is a kind of course between highly emotional states. It is a "story": hard, difficult, with revolt, desire, love, madness, drama and then appeasement.

This is a romantic work: emotions are exacerbated.

The work was performed in two times: instrumental play on MIDI keyboard then transformation of the sounds by electro-acoustic effects

Paint: "Le Blé en Herbe" (2009) from Christine Connelly
[1] La Tentation Anarchiste / The Anarchist temptation (real cello and violin, virtual flutes): The temptation to break the barriers.

[2]Atahualpa (Andean flute, cello and harpsychord) The other: his/her differences and oppositions.

[3]Caramel Fondant (virtuals pianos): The desire

[4]Le Banc (virtual piano and violin): The barriers falls during a short time.

L'impasse / The deadlock: Electro-acoustic symphonic poem (for virtual symphonic orchestra) [5] L'abîme / The abyss   [6] Folie / Madness   [7] Désarroi / Distress

[8]Le passage (virtual piano and harp)

[9]Deuil / Mourning (voice)

[10]Derrière la barrière / Beyond the barrier (cicada, virtuals flute, cello and harpsychord)

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