Michel Titin-Schnaider

D'après Pangéa

Long (36mn) and melancholic work, D’après Pangéa is a trip on huge and deserted spaces, a journey during which the freedom becomes an oppression; a trip toward nowhere.

The sound used makes a strong reference to the south of america (accordions, guitars, ukulele, harp, Andin flutes) ; but also piano, violin, cello, clarinet and Japanese flute. All instruments are virtual and « played » on a computer.

The album include also the pieces:

Etude pour piano désaccordé / Study for detuned piano (played on the MOTUS acousmonium during the festival FUTURA 2013)

Réminiscence / Recollection (composed for the project "film for music" of video maker Raphael Maze).
The music « D’après Pangéa » is the achievement of a step of a « project with multiple interactions » that I conducted with the moviemaker Xavier Larroque.
In a first step I had to compose a set of pieces for the film "Pangéa" from X. Larroque.
Then I had the idea to use by myself this "sound material" as a basis of a new work: a "meta-work", hence the title « D’après / From » Pangéa.
The last step of this project has been to realize, on the basis of this new music, a video which use as "visual material", images/sequences directly pulled from the movie "Pangéa" (this video is visible on demand).

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