Michel Titin-Schnaider

Oratorio de l'Indicible / of the unspeakable

Reading the Lovecraft work needs solid nerves.
It is a strong liquor which shall be drunk by small doses. But it offers strange pleasures, in this "absolute elsewhere" which speak Einstein"
Jacques Bergier

Difficult here to not think to the very famous Pascal thinking :
The ethernal silence of these infinite spaces frighten me
The "unspeakable"....Lovecraft bring us there....and what a "strange pleasure" indeed to attempt to confront in...to be so near of the madness.

In this album, there is first a literature work consisting to select short excerpts in all Lovecraft work. I selected sentences which particularly impress me.
Then I translated in french these sentences, trying to be as near as possible of the extreme richness of the Lovecraft vocabulary. Then I organised this "material" in 14 different pieces, 14 themes.

Read here the Livret of the texts
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L'oratorio de l'indicible is also played in concert: duo computer and voice: here with Gaël Lapierre:

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