Michel Titin-Schnaider


Recordare is an electro-acoustic work of expressionist style on the subject of the large cathedrals and the religion. For me a gloomy world, loaded with heavy constraints and reminding us of a past full of injuries and injustices.
The subject is treated according to 4 axes: the outside, the inside, the past and the future.
Texts comes from the Old Testament.

Recordare, respice opprobrium nostrum.(Look at, see our opprobrium.) Lamentations of Jérémie

The three small studies which follow are more of an "experimental" nature. They each investigate a fundamental parameter: the time, the frequency and the spectre.

(paint: JP KINE)

RECORDARE: [1]: Apparences [3'07]     [2]: Cérémonial [11'44]     [3]: Mémoire [11'26]     [4]: Espérances [4'52]

[5] L'agonie (The anguish) [5'46]
Slow slowing down of time, as if we lost little by little the contact with the sound reality, up to the final stop.

[6] Composition pour 60 oscillateurs [9'29]
I wanted here to create a complex sound structure changing constantly. It is based on the accumulation of strong frequency variations.

[7] Expansion spectrale [13'42]
This is an immersion in the richness of electronics spectrums: from a simple sinusoïd (LA 440 Hz) until the extreme (white noise).

This work has been played on the acousmonium MOTUS the 21/10/2010 by Olivier Lamarche

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