Michel Titin-Schnaider

Symphony for a cyclist...and other sound adventures

Four different "sound adventures"::

  • To compose for the bicycle, in fact for the cycling.
  • To compose for a large ensemble of virtual instruments.
  • To compose using only sound from a big steel plate.
  • To compose with extremly high and extremly low sounds.
Symphonie pour un cycliste [17'12]
I myself a cyclist and I wanted to illustrate here the sunday training of a cyclist.
A funny and caricatural sound assembly on this environment in the language so particular and where the fantasy (the myth) of the solitary effort, of the escaped "champion" is so present !

Use sounds from the Institut National de l'Audiovisuel (excerpts of Tour de France 1969-1989)

  • 1ère partie : L'éveil du cycliste / The cyclist awakening [3'14]
  • 2ème partie : Au commencement est le verbe / At the beginning is the verb[2'48]
  • 3ème partie : L'échappée fantasmatique / The fantastical breakaway[11'19] (Video showed in the Futura festival: see the page video-art )

Recherche de sons pour Inoxophonie Ataraxie-25 (for 25 virtual istruments) [16'09]

Computer music for a large ensemble of virtual instruments
Of the silence appears a chaotic and hesitating structure, evolving imperturbably towards a situation of balance "ataraxique".

Inoxophonie (for steel plate and computer)

Electro-acoustic work using as unique sound source a big plate of steel which is scratched, banged, shaken,...

oXymore (for piano, string bass, violin, synthesizer and computer)

This music begins and end in the inaudible. The idea here was to oppose extremely low and extremely high sounds, but beyond the acoustic possibilities of the instruments. Note: This work requires a very good audio system: the begining and the end are not very good in mp3 !

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