Michel Titin-Schnaider

To compose is to imagine with sounds
    photo: Fabrice Pairault

The artistic activity is as a game from which the man is free, because he creates his proper rules (Schiller)

I work on a computer, mainly on the basis of instrumental sounds, an alternative music , free of any kind of technic or predefined style. My sound universe is expressionist and comes from contemporary, classical and progressive musics.

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Events to come :

From 20th to 24th november 2024 : 9e édition of the festival En Chair et en Son

Events passed :

3rd of February : First edition of the Festival Les Nuits Cinéphoniques
Acousmatic music and cinema

For my part in this festival :
My new film "Sons d'Anthropocène#6" (below)
A film I made on the Oscar Vaurs "Ex(or)ciser" music
And my work "London 1848" is a basis of a new film from François Gourdin
(to see on the page Films).

January 2024 : New release by the label CERO a triple CD with actuals electroacoustics works: MUSLAB Planeta Complejo
I participate with one of my Diptyques

Some albums are available : contact me by mail

26th of November : Festival En Chair et en son Edition 8
Création : "La Fin de l'Histoire ?" dansed by Ken Mai.

This new work can be listen here

2nd of September 2023 - Marseille : My work "Ly8-1" is played
during the festival Supersonique

24th of August 2023 - Crest : My vidéo "Sons d'Anthropocène#5" is broadcasted
during the 31th festival Futura

12th of August 2023 - Réveillon: Hommage to Masaki Iwana :
Diana Bratu danse on my work Diptyque n°3
(created during the festival En Chair et en Son Ed6)

1st to 16th of April 2023 : Exposition "Cent vues du Japon"
(exposition numérique) Associated with the Soluna's calligraphies
Maison des Arts de Brunoy

The 24th of march 20h00 in the Aleph theater: PALIMPSESTE 23.1
with Stephane Guillaumon and Diana Bratu
Two creations of the festival En Chair et en Son (ed 6 and 7)

Ce n’est pas l’ombre qui est l’esclave de la lumière mais au contraire, c’est l’obscurité qui encourage la lumière à être la lumière (Hijikata)

24th of november : Festival En Chair et en Son édition 7 : Création de Stephane Guillaumon sur ma pièce "Etude VPPV Oppressante"

10th of november : Ma pièce "Accordage-1" est diffusée sur Radio Libertaire, émission Epsilonia (pour écouter voir la page Radio)

From 11th to 29th october 2022 : Exposition "Cent vues du Japon" (exposition numérique)

Associated with the calligraphies of Soluna
Centre Culturel Bertin Poirée.

During the vernissage : Soluna butoh performance on my video "Japon":

23th october 2021 : Festival En Chair et en Son édition 6 : Création of Diana Bratu on my work "Diptyque n°3"

30th of september 2021 in Théâtre ALEPH
P A L I M P S E S T E   21.1
With Juju Alishina and Tina Besnard

Two creations on the basis of my album JANUS:
- La Cantate Solitaire Long solo of 40mn by Juju Alishina
- Les papillons de nuit suivent l'attraction de la falaise Solo by Tina Besnard

10th of september : Ma vidéo "Sons d'Anthropocène" est diffusées lors du festival PAYSAGES / COMPOSES
organisé par l'association APNEES (Association pour la PerformaNce, l'Électroacoustique et les Expérimentations Sonores)

22th of July 2022 : Ma pièce "Kor-1" est diffusée sur Radio Libertaire, émission Place aux Fous d'Eric Tessier (pour écouter voir la page Radio)
Teaser of the album JANUS :

Broadcast from 19/11 to 2/12 on websynradio
Program : Diptyques n°1 to 6, and my work "La mort de la mort"

24th to 26th of october 5th edition of the festival En Chair et en Son :
- New work "La Mort de la mort", on the them of transhumanism
- Dan'Ys dance Trans'Mute on my Dyptique n°2

5th of october 2019 : NUIT BLANCHE de PARIS, in the pôle Simon Le Franc Paris 4e
Vidéo-acousmatic concert
Musics and video : Michel Titin-Schnaider and Denis Royer,
Video live Aglaya Muravlov

To see the photos of the event

21th and 22th of March 2019 : COSMOS RELOADED
Centre culturel Franco-Japonais TENRI : Performance by Corinna Torregiani

14th of March 2019 : CHAIR ET SON in 100ecs :
OBASAN : new solo of Maki Watanabe on my last work for harp
To see the photos

10th of march 2019 : XVe festival LICENCES :
electroacoustic concert in the 100ecs
Seven unusual works I composed from 2007 to 2017

To see the photos

18th of january 2019 : PALIMPSESTE 19.1 with Corinna Torregiani and Dan'Ys

COSMOS RELOADED of Corinna Torregiani
COSMOS RELOADED de Corinna Torregiani
New solo of Dan'Ys on my Diptyque n°2
To see the photos

14 December : PALIMPSESTE 18.2 with Sylvia Hanff (Project BEKSINSKI-BUTÔ co-financed by Varsaw city) and Denis Sanglard

To see the photos


To see the photos

27 October : My Diptyque n°5 is interpreted by the spanish dancer
Marianela Leon Ruiz at the end of the 4rd edition of the festival En Chair et en Son.

Wireless butô#2 le 11 octobre Paris 12e
performances de Denis Sanglard (autre video) et de Anna V. Natsuki

Wireless butô#1 le 4 octobre, passerelle Simone de Beauvoir
performances de Corinna Torregiani et Maxime Pierre

My Diptyque n°5 is played during the 18th edition
of the festival Futura

Inoxophonie and Le Chant des Cendres are played during the 14th edition
of the festival LICENCES

The 18th of november in Théâtre de l'Aquarium (Cartoucherie de Vincennes) : COSMOS RELOADED
Corinna Torregiani perfoirmance in the scope of the Festival des idées (USPC)
Music : Etude pour Guitare Electrique

The 27th of october in Le Cube : Festival En Chair et en Son : Allégorie Japonaise with Moeno Wakamatsu

The 21th of september in Théâtre du Temps : Palimpseste 17.6
Three of my works danced by : Alyona Ageeva, Arseniy Kupriyanov and Jutta Mayer.

TO SEE THE PHOTOS of Palimpseste 17.6

Clip of the 5 first events :

The 23th of August : Allégorie Japonaise is played on the acousmonium MOTUS during the festival FUTURA in Crest

The 24th of june in Benevento (Italy) : "Etude pour guitare électrique" danced by Alkistis Dimech (festival en-chair-et-en-son.italy )

My 3rd Diptyque is edited in the 3rd compilation of the label Singularités

11th of june in the Parc de la Maison des Arts de Brunoy

Butoh performances by Juju Alishina and Efi Farmaki on two of my works
In the scope of the "Bords de l'Yerres" organised by town of Brunoy


PALIMPSESTE 17.X Butoh and acousmatic monthly event
The first thursday of each month from february to june in Théâtre du temps

The article from JM Gourreau (Critiphotodanse) on the edition of 2nd february

TO SEE THE PHOTOs of Palimpseste 17.1

TO SEE THE PHOTOs ofPalimpseste 17.2

TO SEE THE PHOTOs ofPalimpseste 17.3

TO SEE THE PHOTOs ofPalimpseste 17.4

TO SEE THE PHOTOs ofPalimpseste 17.5

The 13th of may in jardin japonais du Fort d'Issy les Moulineaux

Butoh performance of Moeno Wakamatsu on my last work "Allégorie Japonaise"

In the scope of the programmation of the cultural center Le Temps des Cerises

The 27th of november 2016 : Butoh performance by Yumi Fujitani on my work "Japon" (anecdotic music and video) during the Chorogi festival of Crosne.

The album Objets Sonores is Number 16 on the iTunes Top200 releases Japan Electronic Chart

The 8th of october 2016 : My work "Diptyque n°1 pour piano virtuel" is dansed by Masaki Iwana during the Festival En chair et en Son (edition 2)
International meetings between butoh dance and acousmatic music


Butô dans mon jardin#8 An exceptional edition due to the presence of japanese butoh master KATSURA KAN and his dancers.

"Butô dans mon jardin": excerpts of the 7th first editions:

New video on the basis of one work of my album La mort de la transcendance:

26th of march 2016                                 1st to 6 april 2016
LA VIE DE CHATEAU#3        PALIMPSESTE#5: 6 soirs, 7 solos

PALIMPSESTE#5: 6 soirs, 7 solos in Théâtre du temps

Butoh - Acousmatic to come back to the essential: the flesh, the sound

Many thanks for the success of our Palimpseste, which attend
during 6 days in Théâtre du Temps with 7 dancers and 4 composers.
The best photos of Palimpsestes
All video-clips of Palimpsestes
Read here the critique of JM Gourreau (Critiphotodanse)

Dancers: Maki Watanabe, Lorna Lawrie, Sakurako, Denis Sanglard, Tina Besnard, Solène De Cock and Laura Oriol
Composers: Michel Titin-Schnaider, Gilles Monfort, Phil Von, Joe Blaster

Festival EN CHAIR ET EN SON in the Centre de création numérique LE CUBE
First internationals meetings between butoh dance and acousmatic music

All photo and video of the 22 performances are here

Nuit Blanche 2015: SONS D'ANTHROPOCENE in pôle Simon Le Franc, october 2015
6h non stop video concert on multiphony with video live by Cléophée Moser and 11 butoh dancers

Palimpseste#4 in Théâtre de Verre (may 2015)
Danse butoh, acousmatic music and video
With Gyohei Zaitsu and Tina Besnard

Palimpseste#3 à Point Ephémère (novembre 2014)
Danse butô, musique acousmatique
Avec Maki Watanabe, Elizabeth Damour et Delphine Mimpontel

Palimpseste#2 à Point Ephémère (mars 2014)
Danse butô, musique acousmatique et intervention live
Avec Lorna Lawrie, Marlène Jöbstl et Romain Mosiniak

Palimpseste#1 au centre Dunois (décembre 2013)
Danse butô, musique acousmatique et intervention live
Avec Lorna Lawrie, Carey Jeffries, la Cie MA et Claude Parle

Palimpseste#0 au studio Le Regard du Cygne (novembre 2013)
Danse butô, musique acousmatique
Avec Lorna Lawrie et Katsura Kan